Replit just laid off 30 employees

Amjad Masad on X: “Sent this email to our team earlier this morning.”


wait, what?! Is this due to the new changes? Or something else…?

Will it be for better, or for worse?

Absolutely 100% for worse IMO.

Remember when was all about empowering small time developers, students. and hobbyists? Such a shame to see yet another company turn its back on this community that made it into what it is by selling out to corporations. Not that we didn’t see it coming.


You’re right. It was predictable. Any business strives to increase profits, even if it goes against the wishes of their customers. We live in a world in which money plays a major role, and people are willing to do anything for money. And until the world changes, what happened to Replit will happen to all other companies.

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this sad to see replit to begin to fall into the void of greed. but there could be hope to stop this but it will be hard, let hope they don’t fall into the void of greed. :disappointed:

Protesting may not work. Many have requested for it to be reverted, but Replit hasn’t changed much.


It would appear things are getting worse… I wish this website was still a little community, with comments and running on the cover page, free Friends teams and other things as well. (I am not the first person to say this) :expressionless:
It would appear things are getting farther and farther from that.