Replit Java not loading

Recently I have started learning Java and am trying to use jFrames, at first it was working fine but after a few days nothing would load (I had not changed the code whatsoever since it last worked) and I would be left on a spinning Replit logo. Anyone know a fix to this or what’s going on?

Hey @Peak welcome to the forums.

Can you please provide us with a link to the repl?

Its just a basic thing that creates a button and a jframe, just started learning that stuff but I couldn’t do much more, here’s the link anyways: CalcTest - Java Repl - Replit
Tell me if that doesn’t work

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Hi @Peak welcome to the community!

I just tried your link and after a few seconds this appeared:

Can you please confirm if this is now working for you or if there is still an issue?

It still won’t load inside the editor, it works everywhere else but its very annoying that I can’t test it right from the editor, I think the replit servers may just be under too much load whenever I am trying. I got it to work yesterday for a bit, but after I took a break it stopped working again.

Hi @Peak sorry to hear this.

Just in case there was a bug I forked your Repl and ran it from the IDE. This is what I saw:

If you are intermittently experiencing issues please use the Report a bug link in the ? at the bottom right of the Repl this will help support to identify if there is a wider issue at certain times.