Replit is ruined

I agree, unable to run others’ repl is just so much inconvenient. I mean since OTD got here maybe replit tried to stop people’s OTD to be ddos’d, but apart from this is just huge inconvenience.
For example us, replit ask users, used to help others easily because we can directly run their repls having issues, check whatever they oversaw, now without the ability to run their code in their environment, forking might not even allow us to do much things. There might be free users not having enough space in their account to fork others’ repl (for example me), or having env variables we can’t access to recreate the issue (just potential but yeah this issue exists somewhere)

Now we can’t run others’ codes, what can be placed in the window? codes! sometimes we just tidy up everything and tried to hide some of the files for beauty or whatever reason. but now the show hidden files is on by default, bruh we can’t even let them admire whatever we made with little steps. We can’t let them see our well organised (cuz the folders might be opened by default sometimes just makes it look messier idk how to describe) file system, we can’t let them run our code without forking and wait for a few minutes, etc etc

maybe we can just have an option of whether others can run our code, but just dont completely remove it, it’s useful


I just wished before they do an update that the people who use Replit decide

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Now Replit has done this: Replit just laid off 30 employees

Amjad said that there will be new changes, but I’m 99.99% skeptical on them.

My text-based adventure game that I made estimated 2 years ago heavily depends on replit and its database to save/load data.

But now, people who don’t have an account cant play it anymore. Meaning?

(There was an option, if the player doesn’t have a replit account, they can make a save file via a text file that stores their name, story location, number of deaths, saved info, etc.) with replit removing the run button and allows the player to fork it, despite the fact that they dont have an account.

Secondly, I cant view the reception of my game via comments or errors if anyone is experiencing.

Now what? I have no choice but to protest on Ask to bring them back.

I miss the Community Tab, the Themes tab, everything that made Replit a community. Now they removed it. I understand for them to focus on a code-oriented environment, and also AI (there’s nothing wrong with it though), but seriously…

You so CANNOT do THIS to US! I’m 1000% serious!

Don’t you even understand? (Probably NOT?) I get it that its their platform, but sadly, they are forgetting what Replit used to be…

I joined Replit in 2020, yet with the new changes ,it seems like not any of the staff members will even LISTEN.

NONE… :sob:

They are just going to keep on doing their own thing,

and not even damn CARE!

Please, do not, I repeat DO NOT, unlist this.


Even though the Replit staff loved my themes for being faithful to the original, from what I see now, I cannot change this:

In the most downloaded Replit theme, that the rest of the staff loved and adored, even the community members:

What it looks like in VSCode:

Looks waaayyyy better doesnt?

I wish we could at least edit this syntax that I showed above. And also add even more syntax highlighting, because that would be awesome, since the staff loves my themes! But, the question is-- do they actually care?

Probably NOT…ish?


A reminder that, yet again, they absolutely can do whatever they want to their own site/hosting platform.


He literally said that right after. Of course they can do it but that’s like someone doing someone bad and saying “YOU CANT DO THIS TO MEEEEE” but they quite frankly can because they are in that moment.


agree replit staff they are trying there best

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