Replit is only executing the file and no others


Starting a few days ago, Replit is ONLY executing the contents. It doesn’t matter what other files I choose. If I empty the file, nothing happens of course when I press Run. Is this some temporary thing that has only happened to me, or does anybody else have the same problem?

Also, I need some advice how to create a portfolio (in Replit) with interesting programs and projects. Potential employers should be able to access this portfolio through a link (and preferably they should be able to execute the files). It’s so easy, according to Replit, to fix a portfolio, but I’m totally lost.

Have a nice day everybody and thanks in advance!

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Hey @doktoranders!

Just click the next to “Files” then click “Show hidden files”. Next click on the .replit file and finally you can change the entrypoint to whatever file you want to run.



Show hidden files


You should also see the docs on how to configure a Repl:

And if you want to run the last edited file, take a look at this post:

For the second bit, you could create a bunch of repls, put the links in one document ig.
Or, make a HTML page with all the links/embeds.


A big thank you!

I will try to implement your solutions. However, I am pretty certain that I until recently could just click on a .py file and execute it, or am I wrong?


@doktoranders Well, in the Shell, you can enter python to view the output of that file in the Shell. Or, use the methods I stated in the post above.
Hope this helps!

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Thanks again for taking the time to answer my questions!

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