Replit is now losing

Im here to express my hate against the new rules, as first of all, all of my projects are now not worthy because they dont wake up when they need to. And having the editor always on is now becoming very annoying, also removing the comments section is more stressful, because you cant say if the project isn’t working. Please replit revert these changes, if not thousand of peoples will leave this platform, idk if you are winning more than your losing Replit, but this was a platform everyone would code on.


I believe that Replit will revert the changes as soon as possible… if they want to. If they don’t want to revert them, then they won’t. They must have considered about them losing lots of users due to changes, and they probably think it won’t affect them much. So did they actually lose? I have no idea.


I mean your right, they maybe didn’t know how easy it is to change hoster, they thought we would buy their tier just because they are forcing us.

Its a big proble, ngl


Yeah, they’re just now trying to scrap off money off us. Atleast let it do so the replit works without not staying on the editor, it makes it 2X laggier

It hasn’t been the best experience recently

They can always improve and I hope replit knows what they should do


Exactly, a lot of people are mad about the changes, including me, having to pay for your reply to be public is insane, now we have to fork it EVERY TIME


Yes, I agree. Replit is probably going to be less popular. It is VERY problematic for them.

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Vercel going to boom prob


I was probably going to use this platform to host my games, but it seems that Replit has nerfed the free plan to only an editor, some templates, and ask it seems. They removed free domains and replaced them with deployments, which cost money.

Eventually I plan to move to GitHub, vercel, or glitch for hosting this game. Replit was good when I first joined, but that was the end of the goodness of this site. I remember when private repls costed money(and they still do), but it seems you also may have to pay to get your repl more public.


Oh. And also. There was a game called rocketer at, and its servers were apparently hosted on here. That game was where I made most of my friends, but because of replit’s new changes, that game has been killed and I’ll see my friends much less often now. That game I also really enjoyed. It’s sad to see one of my favorite online games get killed by this site, plus my friends.


Its just sad, also the server eaglercraft I played in also died and i didn’t have contact with them, and the comments on the repl the server was hosting on was unavailable. I lost good friends

Sad. Seems I’m not the only one who lost good friends. Replit is getting greedy and is starting to care more about their money than their community.

I’m staying at Replit. I’ve tried Github, Vercel, and Glitch, and none works in my country for some reason. I’ve thought of hosting stuff at Glitch and editing them in Replit later on.

You should try out Gitpod and Codesandbox.

Rocketer, as of yesterday, is now back up. Scenexe may be revivable, but turning away from Diep-related shenanigans(tons of shenanigans), I still feel bad for those who played Replit games but were separated from those communities because of hosting being payed.