Replit is Broken

Yes, and the fact that those copied scratch projects are the ones getting on trending lol.

What does that mean?

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TLDR means “Too Long, Didn’t Read”


For anyone looking for a good alternative, I recommend Glitch (


Some of the people here came from glitch, so I doubt they’d like to go back.


For another good alternative, use GitHub pages for static sites, use vercel for node/python sites, and for binary web servers… idk, get free dedicated hosting via GitHub student plan.


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Yes,you are correct @Firepup650

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I’m just very nervous, esp about what their future plans are! ;-;


You know something’s up when Glitch is added to the conversation. Especially the
“good” part

For someone who cares only about the code part, Replit is the obvious winner. Yes, there is botting and bad mods and other stuff, but essentially the coding part of it is untouched. When you want to build a program, you don’t really care about that stuff until you’re ready to share. Glitch is a big pain in the logic part of your brain because IIRC there is less RAM, storage, languages, sharing, and uploaded pictures are a problem because it only gives you a CDN link instead of uploading the picture on a local thingy. (I don’t know what to call it). I only use Glitch when Replit is not an option. That’s pretty rare for me.

Anyways, in my opinion too, Glitch is just not good. For one, Node is on version 12 and that is SOO annoying. Replit has a replit.nix file that with changing the 12 to 16 changes the entire version hassle-free. You can control how a project is started with a .replit file but you can’t do that with Glitch. This means that Glitch is hard to work with. Also, finding languages is really hard and there aren’t things like Glitch Authentication. I do have to thank Glitch because that’s how I found Fastify (better than Express)


Glitch burns your eyes. (That’s because I can’t find the dark mode button, if that exists.)

Summary: Use Glitch if you really need to, otherwise stick with Replit.


Well I’m talking in general, so…

I actually find Replit’s RAM limit much lower than Glitch’s one. I am constantly reaching it, while in Glitch I have never reached 100%.

Storage is good. At least for me.

You can basically program any language. You have starters for most languages.

It’s easy to share, just click “Share” on the top

Yes, that’s one of the downgrades of Glitch, but you can always wget anything. (everyone’s gonna say “wget is not practical” but ok I know).

You can easily change it.

You can also control with a .glitch file!

Find them at the support forum.

There are multiple unofficial ones. It’s not official, but it works.

There is a big dark mode button. Select “Settings” > “Toggle light/dark theme”.

I hope this helps, although I am always open for comments.

Note: I was not sponsored by Glitch or anything, I’m just a regular user of it. Just in case someone asks.
Just to ping people that replied to me: @Firepup650 @dragonhunter1 @arhanansari2009 @doxr


Is there any place to find these without creating an account? Also, is glitch only for websites, or does it support other stuff too?


I’ve found that the website is not problematic for me, though I mostly use replit for personal stuff, not for large projects. I agree about the staff though, at least regarding how some of the mods do really help. Not sure about power abuse, I have never seen it myself. Just my opinion.


Feel free to share what happened!

Yup, I like the Glitch Support Forum, you have many of them on the gallery


About the pay more for less, they’re being more responsible with prices, as before. Replit has been giving too much for too little of a price, so I see where they’re coming from. Replit, along with most startups, runs at a loss, and money isn’t infinite so they have to become profitable ASAP.


Sad fact is that. In the end. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. Even with supposedly free websites, they often track your activities and sell that data to advertisers or other interested parties.

You can’t expect something for nothing, not even from free websites.

When you sign up for those “free” social media or other sites that use freemium model, they’re like secret spies that record everything you say and do, and then sell it off without you even knowing! That’s why I’d rather fork over some cash and only use sites that business model wont support freemium model.


And accounts made only for the purposes of following people. I don’t know if these are bots or real people but unless they have some sort of activity on Replit that’s not just following people, imo their accounts should be removed or banned or smth.

Is anyone else tired of the vast amount of Repls in some way using ChatGPT (or smth similar) that are getting on trending? Cause I know I am. If we’re gonna have a trending page it should have new, cool and unique ideas, not just a bunch of the same old stuff. It was fun for a few weeks, but now we need new blood.


@JayAySeaOhBee14 could you elaborate on this

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There were warnings and bans issued to people mainsite and according to them it was made up by the mod and stuff. Even though I’m a mod I don’t know the details (or even the reasons) so I cant say it was issued correctly or anything like that.


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