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Describe your feature request

It would be extremely nice to have a banner of some sort (similar to Ask’s banner when something important is occurring) that displays known, active issues regarding Replit’s infrastructure. For example, with the recent flood of users looking for help because the Replit IDE will not load, it would be a great help to everyone if users were aware that the problem is recognized and a fix is on its way. If users still need more help, maybe link to the Ask forum below.

It would also be nice to link to Replit’s status page (which people don’t seem to know about) and link issues to relevant topics on Ask.

What problem(s) would this feature solve?

  • Users would be much less likely to create duplicate reports on Ask
  • Users would be assured that the issue is being looked into and Replit’s staff team is looking for a solution
  • Much easier to find important information

Isn’t that what the help flow is for?

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I may be living under a rock, but what exactly is the help flow?


Too To add on to this, there will be less workload for mods+TL4s

overall, splendid suggestion!


Scroll down on and click on ? Help or just go to


That mostly just takes us to Ask


Yes it does, but the ? Help shows if something is going wrong


This does occationally happen with MAJOR issues but I think this is a great idea


Hey all!

Thank you for the suggestion. We will look into ways of integrating our status page with the main site. We try out best to keep Discourse up-to-date with any incidents that happen on, and I’m sure we can implement something similar for the main site.

Thanks again, and if you have any other feedback please let me know!


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