Replit India has officially launched! ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ

As part of this launch, Replit India has set up its first international server cluster in Mumbai. What this means for Indian developers is faster Repl load times, more responsive code completion, and less latency! You can manually set this up in your Replt profile settings (Replit Account โ†’ Your Server Location โ†’ Select โ€œIndiaโ€) but we will automatically migrate developers to the new servers over the next couple of weeks

Replit also recently launched its super popular coding bootcamp 100 days of code in Hindi allow Indian developers to upskill themselves for free. This is perfect for beginners who donโ€™t have any prior knowledge of Python.

Stay tuned for a lot more exciting product releases just for India from Replit!


Are there plans to have more server clusters around the world?


Hey, will replit mobile app change the server too, if I do it on the web? For now I noticed that it was still taking regular time to load on replit mobile when I changed on the web(web was fast).

Also, thanks for the servers; replit is truly fast now, it feels like almost an offline IDE!! One more reason to never leave replit :heart:


Awesome! Looking forward to more kewl things from replit :slight_smile:


Adding on to Mr. Jamesโ€™s query, if there are plans to add more servers around the world, is there an order to when they will be developed?


Is this the mobile web or app?


I meant, I changed settings on mobile web and didnโ€™t got results on mobile app.


Hey anshul, welcome to the replit ask community.

Lol, Mr.James. Sounds so formal

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Gotta impress the superior rank no matter how small of an action.

Whoโ€™s superior rank? :joy:

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TL3 > TL2 (member)
Daggum 20 character limit filler text.


This is nice @DavidAtReplit

Yeah, this is cool and all, but what is my โ€œRepltโ€ profile?


No, I meant this:


It should say โ€œReplitโ€ profile.

The button directly below profile, โ€œaccountโ€, click that and you can change your server.

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Nice really happy to hear that
Is it launched in Pakistan?

It is launched in Mumbai, India iirc