Replit in Replit? Weird bug

When the repl says “not found” you can click “go to replit” then you have “replit in replit” You can repeat this multiple times.

Can you please clarify how to get the “repl not found” error? I went to a 404 page but don’t get any option to “go to replit”.

No, as in the HTML page saying ‘Not Found’ when you renamed/moved index.html.

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Can you provide a link to a public Repl and the steps to recreate this issue?

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I assume you’d recreate it with a Repl like so, though then the iframe just refuses the connection for me.



@BluebayStudios what browser are you using?

Safari for Mac. It could just be me.


Thank you very much for the feedback. I’ve let our team know that this isn’t the best navigation and they will be looking into it as soon as they are able. Thanks again!

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