Replit IDE unresponsive on Firefox

Problem description:
Replit is extremely slow and consistently using 100% of my CPU power yet it does not respond to any interactions. Firefox is telling me to stop the page as it is slowing everything else down.

Expected behavior:
Should be useable on firefox, at least.

Actual behavior:
Unable to edit or interact with the site at all. Sometimes responds for around thirty seconds, and goes unreponsive again.

Steps to reproduce:
Not exactly sure.

Bug appears at this link:

Firefox/Windows/HP Laptop

Seems to go unresponsive when I tab away and return to it. Never happened before today.

This is an interesting problem. I also use Firefox (though I’m on Linux not Windows) and have never had this problem. It’s using 100% of your computer’s CPU and not of the Replit vCPU? You could try a cache refresh on the page with Ctrl + F5 or restarting Firefox.

One hundred percent on my computer CPU, vCPU is around 30%.

hard-refreshing now, let me see if this works.

nope, it’s completely unresponsive.

Well it’s possible that Windows needs to be restarted but other than that I’m not sure what would cause that issue.

okay, i’ll try restarting and get back to you on that.

@CoderElijah I’ve restarted Windows and updated Firefox, but it’s still unresponsive.

In that case I have no further suggestions for you. I’m sorry that you are experiencing this issue. Perhaps someone else will have a different idea.

right, thank you anyways.

Do you have any browser extensions installed that could be getting in the way? Try uninstalling them if you have any and try to load Replit again.

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No, no extensions enabled.

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Try updating your browser to the latest version.

I am indeed at the latest Firefox version.

problem seems to have fixed itself now[date=2023-03-21 timezone=“America/Toronto”]

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