Replit IDE is dead

Replit’s decision to remove comments and the community page has sparked a lot of backlash from its loyal users, who feel that the platform is losing its social and collaborative aspects. Comments were a way for users to give feedback, ask for help, or just chat with each other on their projects. The community page was a place where users could showcase their work, discover new ideas, and join challenges or contests. By removing these features, Replit is alienating its users and making them feel less valued and engaged. Many users have expressed their dissatisfaction and frustration on Replit’s blog, and some have even decided to leave the platform for other alternatives that offer more social and interactive options. Replit’s changes have made it not a fun place to be or use anymore, and have damaged its reputation as a friendly and supportive community for developers. Me and many of my friends are leaving replit for other IDE like Vercel, github and I think i can safely say replit is a dead platform…


I agree with NotDartFrog, Replit is losing 252 people from grades 1-8 in my school, and most likely is losing thousands of users each day. Who wants to be in Replit if you can’t comment or post your code. Replit is more focused on money than the fun of its people coding there. I would go to glitch or codingpen as a new coding platfrom.


bingo, although at this point I think making a new platform would be best, as any platform like replit could quickly curb comments. Whereas a platform made to combat this will never even after the creator leaves, at least nominally.

Hmmm…, so your saying to make our own coding website? That’s a smart idea.

yeah they losing 2k+ from my school

i suggested this months ago i just dont know anyone that can do it

yeah might be moving to github. replit having some trouble.

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I think this was a terrible mistake. So many people have left replit due to the changes. @IroncladDev to name one. And as you said, they just lost over 2000 people from your school, which I bet was paying replit some.

Was this decision a good one?

I have not entirely left Replit as a result of them removing comments.

I said goodbye to the community as there is no way to interact with it on-platform anymore.

To be honest I’m very sad about Replit’s decision to remove social features.


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I’m working on a remake that may or may not get somewhere. Here’s the pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha preview:

(right side is the webview btw)


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the ide is technically not bombed but honestly it’s main pitch point back in the day were:

  1. the easy of use w/o having to set up and env every time you switched devices
  2. the community

at this point a lot of other services have been developed and the community (a main selling point) has been removed and there has been an increase in prices and discontent from community members


me and cldprv are developing an IDE called IDK IDE

cool that looks amazing so far

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cool hers a previow of a pre-pre-pre-pre-alpha prototype :

Is this like a drag and drop or select and it’ll appear?

ye it’s actually kinda funny because when i drag out print hello world and it actually printed hello world out of my printer :skull:


I still use Replit IDE for some reason. I’ve moved some of my stuff to Glitch due to hosting, but their IDE has very bad css so I decided to keep using Replit. Replit also gives a free AI to code for me.

It’s not the IDE dead. It’s the community dead, and I can’t find any other similar communities outside Replit.

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I don’t understand at all why Replit decided to remove comments. Honestly, it takes away the fun of publishing projects because you can’t get instant feedback, and you cannot tell if users liked the experience of your game/repl.

I understand why Replit requires deployments now since literal companies are using the IDE, but they have ruined the community part of their platform.

I’ll stay on Replit, but it’s sad to see people leave because of dumb decisions that Replit made.

Sad times for Replit :cry:

It also hurts because I have been on Replit since the URL was called, and these things were the first things basically added to their website.