Replit hosting question


I have a repl that runs my discord bot, and when you load the page, it will turn the bot on, but recently it seems replit changed something and now it goes to a completely different page…

Lmk if you can help,


Hey there!

Starting this year, to host things on Replit, you’ll have to use our Deployments product.

See more information here:

So am I getting this right…

You have to PAY to basically use replit?

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@soren I did not get a response… Does this mean I have to pay to host on Replit?

Yes, you’ll have to pay at least $7/month for a Reserved VM deployment.

If I might offer some feedback:

That is the dumbest thing ever… I do not know how to put it… That is a deplorable decision.

Do you have any replit alternatives?

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yep their are no alternatives either, im just using a private vps

You have to pay to host production applications, yes. We will always have a generous free tier for development though.