Replit hosting issue

Hey guys im new to replit…so I’ve created my account and when i create a new repl it adds a subdomain


What can i do for it to be at

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Hi @TricksterKe , welcome to the forums!
Basically, the format for the website URL is as follows:
(repl name).(username)
However, if your repl name is the same as your username, it’ll just be (username)
Hope this helps!

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Just a friendly reminder that new users do not get this URL format, they get (repl name)--(username) (Which old users have as well, so suggesting it is always a safe bet)


Hello i did that but it brought me

It seems to me like works, and links to this repl:

Which actually is a bit confusing, since that’s not your username. I wonder what happened here :thinking:

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Yes. I saw, which confused me.

Both should work.
For example and both work.

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