Replit Hosting is Broken

Problem description:
Hosting repls won’t work for me. All I get is this screen, even on other people’s repls.

Expected behavior:
It should just load the site.

Actual behavior:
Comes up with the “This site can’t be reached” page.

Steps to reproduce:
For, I just open any hosted repl.

Bug appears at this link:
All repl hosting links.

Chrome, Windows 10

that happens with all repls. It’s called a “sleeping repl” and when you start it up it needs a minute to “wake up”.

now there are 2 easy solutions for this:

use @ gdaybot on replit to send a constant ping to keep your repl “awake”

or you can get the hacker plan / cycles and power up the repl for “always on”

It seems to be fixed now, but I’m not sure what happened. I know that the repls sleep somettimes, but I have set up a pinger that keeps pinging my repls automatically, but they were down. EVERY repl was down at the time. Not sure if there was some restart or something, but nothing would work. Anyways it is fixed, whatever happened.

that’s wierd if everything refused to wake up. contact a staff member or something.

Probably a temporary Replit issue. Next time something weird like that happens, check out the Replit status page.

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