Replit hosting in team repls

Is replit hosting changes in private team repls from to

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Yes, the hosting changes will take effect across all Repls, including Team Repls and private Repls.

However, please keep in mind that development URLs will go from to Deployment URLs will be, and will be gone.


But i accessible domain in team repls

Do you mean you are able to access the domain, or that it is inaccessible?

I have old repls in team and there i can show repl. co domain in webview instead of repl. dev I need to know is replit changes domain or not?

The domain is changing, though it seems to be slower than we all expected.


Oky be fast in Pakistan and India country there some free users which host bots and apps on repl. co domain free hosting other side i paid replit i buy replit core plan and also deployment .

When will it change?

It was supposed to begin yesterday, but apparently they’re rolling everything out in batches, so it could take up to a few weeks to fully be changed.