Replit has extreme instability problems

Even though I have uptimer connected to my replit URL, my repel has been acting very strangely as of late, and its performance has been extremely poor to the point where I can hardly access it through the mobile app due to it being stuck at the loading screen for voluminous time, and even if it finished loading and I can access it, it is stuck at “Booting repel” for voluminous time, this is the very first time this issue has occurred for me. I am becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the services that you provide; thus, I request that you investigate this issue directly and determine what is causing it.
Due to the aforementioned factors, my Discord bot can seldom ever be online in my community. It shuts down daily despite the fact that I have an uptimer connected to my replit URL; I hope this problem is resolved soon.


I had the same issue with the booting and it was caused by my VPN. I put the site in the VPN allow and it work’s just fine now. You can also just stop your VPN load and turn it back on. As for your other issue, I don’t do my work in the repel. I use vscode to work on projects and once completed, copy the info over to the repel and move on. You could also use pyCharm instead of vscode. Good Luck!

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^^ having the same issue, as well as my repl going down for long periods of time before the pinger can wake it up.

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@sonicx180 welcome to the community! This is probably just replit, you may want to move local or to another service


Please send me the link to your repl so I can take a look

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The issue is not related to the VPN in any way, please re-read my message since the VPN doesn’t bring my repel offline and causes those issues, and I don’t use a VPN when accessing the replit site anyway

Everything seems to be working fine now. Are you able to load it?

Yea it loaded , but is that a permanent fix ? since this occurs many times

Unfortunately there’s no way to tell if that’s the case. There will be outages in the future that cause this issue.

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Well the issue is still occurring apparently lol, when is it going to be fully repaired ?

We recently launched Replit India which allows you to change your server cluster to India instead of the United States cluster. Does switching improve latency for you?

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