Replit hangs after 1-2 seconds

Problem description:
After about 1 or 2 seconds, the page becomes unresponsive.

Expected behavior:
The webpage should literally do anything at all.

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:
Open icons.js at

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome 110.0.5481.178

Can you send me a screen recording with loom so I can investigate?

Any updates @IroncladDev?

Sorry, I didn’t see your message!

I don’t have access to the screen recording. I made an access request.

Just shared it with you @IroncladDev!

Yesterday I had the same. Kill 1 and other similar methods did nothing. My freezing sometimes was even longer. But it was like for a short time and then everything started ti work again.

It loaded almost instantly for me. Can you try closing all other tabs/apps and see if that improves performance? Is your internet connection stable?

Try again and see if it happens.

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Here’s another video, with better internet and a minimal amount of stuff opened: Untitled: Mar 17, 2023 10:10 AM.webm - Google Drive

@IroncladDev did you check out the last video yet?

The booting time of that Repl in the second video seemed to be normal. Is icons.js a really large file?

Does disabling your browser extensions help the situation?
What happens when you fork the repl, does it load there?
Try running kill 1 in the shell. Does that help in any way?

The file is only 651 lines long.

Try the steps above and see if it works.

None of those solutions work at all.

It’s really weird how i.js works just fine, but when I try to copy its contents into icons.js, Replit just freezes.

There definitely is some suspicious activity in your Repl! Whenever icons.js is open, the CPU overflows like crazy!
I’ve added myself to that Repl as a collaborator, ran a function to refresh your Repl from the root, and everything is seeming to work fine now.

Let me know if that helped.

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What function did you run? I want to be able to use it on other projects too, and for when or if it happens again.


@aetinx someone on the engineering team looked into your icons Repl and it should be fixed now :+1:

yippee yay horray!!!

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