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GUI + Website not working

I have a bit of an issue trying to host a webserver while X11 is running. I made a webserver so that my Repl will never go down, and my selenium would be running while I am asleep. However, whenever I try to host a website while a X Window session is running, it will automatically make the website local only visitable on the X Window machine, not public to the web where I can hook it up to a pinger. How can I go about making it so that both the GUI/XWindow and the Website can run at the same time, and I can keep my selenium tests running 24/7?

Thanks so much! Replit is awesome! :smiley:

Due to the way replit works, you can’t have both in one repl

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Thank you! Hopefully Replit fixes this, or updates, because I cannot use replit now and my students cant either

Hi @TranDorthy are you saying that this used to work without issue on Replit? I’ve temporarily removed the solution just in case so this thread is now active again.

If you could please log a call with support providing links to the original repl if it worked without issue in the past. Thank you.