Replit Graphql Playground not working

Heya! Sometimes, I just want to play around with the graphql playground so I go there and try to make a query and it doesn’t work. Should I share a screenshot?

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There are a lot of ways something “doesn’t work” you need to be more precise.


I’ll share a screenshot later. Thanks for trying to help!

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Ok, so basically, if it doesn’t work a few things may be happening:

  1. Your variables are wrong. Often, this can be very annoying. Keep in mind some queries don’t have primative typings but instead have custom “Inputs” normally, you would need to find an example of how to format these but it usually goes like {"input": {"var1": ...}}
  2. Your query is wrong. Sometimes your query will try to access information that doesn’t exist, this can be as simple as a typo.
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Thx! But it always says “Server cannot be reached”

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I see could you show me a screenshot?

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Moved to #bug-reports - if you could provide as much information as possible @sonicx180 it would be appreciated. Thanks!

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awesome! It says the server can’t be reached. (note: this is only on the playground, sending a JSON request does work)

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could you send a screenshot? Thanks

got it!

Let me delete the headers

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can you try sending a post req via a python repl? I’ve had this happen; it seems that any and all server requests directly sent from are rejected, and you must use a post type request

"""file that handles posting to replit graphql endpoint for queries and mutations"""

import json
from requests import post as _post, get as _get, delete as _delete
from typing import Dict, Any, List
from time import sleep
import logging
import random
import os

backup: str = ""
endpoint: str = ""
headers: Dict[str, str] = {
    "X-Requested-With": "replit",
    "Origin": "",
    "Accept": "application/json",
    "Referrer": "",
    "Content-Type": "application/json",
    "Connection": "keep-alive",
    "Host": "",
    "x-requested-with": "XMLHttpRequest",
    "User-Agent": "Mozilla/5.0",
number_convert: List[str] = ["1st", "2nd", "3rd"]
__reset_status_codes: List[int] = [429, 403, 520, 503, 502, 500]
GREEN = green = "\033[0;32m"
BLUE = blue = "\033[0;34m"
PURPLE = purple = "\033[0;35m"
RED = red = "\033[0;31m"
END = end = "\033[0m"
BOLD_GREEN = bold_green = "\033[1;92m"
BOLD_BLUE = bold_blue = "\033[1;94m"

def post(
    connection: str,
    query: str,
    vars: Dict[str, Any] = {},
    retry_for_internal_errors: bool = True,
    __different_endpoint: str = None,
    """post query with vars to replit graph query language"""
    _headers = headers
    _headers["Cookie"] = f"connect.sid={connection}"

    class InitialRequest:
        def __init__(self):
            self.status_code = 429
            self.text = ""

    req = InitialRequest()
    number_of_attempts = 0
    max_attempts = 7
    if __different_endpoint is None:
        __different_endpoint = endpoint
    while (
        req.status_code in __reset_status_codes or str(req.status_code).startswith("5")
    ) and number_of_attempts < max_attempts:  # only try 7 times
        current_endpoint = f"{__different_endpoint}?e={int(random.random() * 100)}"
        req = _post(
            json={"query": query, "variables": vars},
        if req.status_code in __reset_status_codes or str(req.status_code).startswith(
            N_TH = (
                if number_of_attempts < 3
                else str(number_of_attempts + 1) + "th"
                f"{green}[FILE]{end}\n{red}[WARNING]{end}\n{red}[STATUS CODE] {req.status_code}\n\t{red}[INFO]{end} You have been ratelimited\n\t{bold_blue}[SUMMARY]{end} Retrying query for the {N_TH} time (max retries is 5)"
            number_of_attempts += 1
                5 * (number_of_attempts)
            )  # as not to overload the server, the sleep time increases per num attempts
        vars_max = 200
        query_max = 100
        text_max = 200
        _query = query
        _vars = (
            f" {vars}"
            if (len(json.dumps(vars, indent=8)) + 3 >= vars_max or len(vars) <= 1)
            else f"\n\t\t\t{json.dumps(vars, indent=16)[:-1]}\t\t\t" + "}"
        _text = req.text.strip("\n")
        if len(_vars) >= vars_max:
            _vars = _vars[: vars_max - 3] + "..."
        if len(_query) >= query_max:
            _query = _query[: query_max - 3] + "..."
        if len(_text) >= text_max:
            _text = _text[: text_max - 3] + "..."
        if req.status_code == 200:
                f"{green}[FILE]{end}\n{green}[INFO]{end} {bold_green}Successful graphql!{end}\n\t{blue}[SUMMARY]{end} queried replit's graphql with these query and vars.\n\t{purple}[EXTRA]{end}\n\t\t{bold_blue}[QUERY]{end} {query}\n\t\t{bold_blue}[VARS]{end}{_vars}\n\t\t{bold_blue}[RESPONSE]{end} {_text}\n\t\t{bold_blue}[IS RAW QUERY]{end} {raw}\n\t\t{bold_blue}[URL END POINT]{end} {current_endpoint}"
            return logging.error(
                f"{red}[FILE]{end}\n{red}[STATUS CODE] {req.status_code}\n\t{purple}[EXTRA]{end} {_text}\n\t\t{bold_blue}[QUERY]{end} {query}\n\t\t{bold_blue}[VARS]{end}{_vars}\n\t\t{bold_blue}[IS RAW QUERY]{end} {raw}\n\t\t{bold_blue}[URL END POINT]{end} {current_endpoint}\n\t\t{bold_blue}[RETRY]{end} {retry_for_internal_errors}"
        res = json.loads(req.text)

            _ = list(map(lambda x: x["data"], list(res["data"])))
            return _
            if "data" in res["data"]:
                return res["data"]["data"]
                if "data" in res:
                    return res["data"]
                    return res
post("", "query UserByUsername($username: String!) {
    userByUsername(username: $username) {
}", {"username": "sonicx180"})
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I see. I’ll use JS though :smiley:

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yeah, :smiley: , ok, js seems really good too


The only header you should have is X-Requested-With

oops, sorry, I’m just like … idk catching everything :frowning:


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