Replit GitHub Authentication Issue

My Replit will continue to say my github isnt connected when it is.

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:
Any repl

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Replit ask will not let me put a second screenshot of my connections

Hey, @DanielGoodman1!
This is a error I experience occasionally too. Currently, I just reload the pages a few times, and either the popup ceases to show or when I press the button and follow the steps, it authenticates succesfully.

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Hey @RedCoder, thanks for the response! Im on the desktop app for Windows 11 and that does not work. I have a feeling that it was due to my GitHub student benefits expiring and I have put in another request to github to get them renewed with proof of my student status. Thanks for reading and trying to help though!

As long as the GitHub account an repository exist, this should not be happening. Have you tried pressing the “Visit account page to connect to GitHub” button and following the according steps?

@DanielGoodman1 We recently corrected some issues with GitHub to Replit integration not working as expected. At your earliest convenience, would you please test again and verify the issue resolved?

I had a similar issue as well and it was resolved by today’s fixes so I’d like to confirm with you the same. You may need to reconnect or re-login to the account before testing. Thanks so much.

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Hey @RedCoder, thank you very much. This helped.

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