Replit Free Server Running

Will Replit keep being able to host servers for free including python flask ones? I recently hward that you will have to pay for urls soon. Not sure if thats true but I would like a heads up so that I can transition to a better hosting service.

You may have to pay eventually, but not yet. Also, I asked a Replit employee, and they aren’t planning to deprecate * for a while after deployments are released.


This is currently only being discussed but the discussion got quickly attacked by the community, which didn’t want to lose its free spotty web hosting.


So will you have to pay for the base url? Like the That would be sad.

If I understand correctly, the proposed idea (which is merely being discussed right now) is that your web Repls will only work in the cover page and can’t be opened in a new tab unless you pay. No domain.

It scares me. I actually started using Replit for the fact that it has free hosting, if that gets taken away, I’d probably leave Replit.


Yeah the free hosting, despite being unreliable, is one of Replit’s biggest perks. If they truly did this, there would be terrible consequences for Replit. The community would be enraged. Luckily, I think they’re leaning away from that now.

They haven’t given up on the “only cover page for free” idea, unless something changed since I last checked.

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Do they mean the base url for the free cover?

Currently, it’s free. We probably won’t be able to do anything about it when replit starts making deployments a paid feature, so I’d recommend just using replit while you can.

Yes. I hope they at least notify us in 1 month advance. Egress I understand. It was fixing an ongoing issue but paying for some site???

the worst part is they aren’t even that great and they are getting rid of them (great for testing not for actual use)

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would we still get to use a custom domain without paying repl

I 100% agree. The Replit web hosting (free tier at least, can’t speak for paid plans) really isn’t that great or reliable. But, it’s free, and allows us to learn web development and test things, honing our skills. It is one of the biggest perks to Replit.

I think we will still be able to, but it’s hard to be sure.

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at most or at least?

Can you please rephrase your question?

did you mean at best or at least?,

Let me rephrase my statement.

I use the Replit free tier, which has web hosting which is neither great nor reliable. I can’t speak for the paid plans though because I don’t have one.


I have a month of a paid plan on my alt because of a beta, and the paid plan doesn’t seem that much more reliable.