Replit for university CS course

I’m considering using Replit Teams for Education in my Python CS course at university level. Two questions at this point:

  1. I have created a project with test cases. Is it not possible to assign points to individual test cases and thus automatically calculate a grade for the student?

  2. Is it possible to create a Repl project with more than one programming assignment and still run test cases for each assignment. Or does one always have to create a separate Repl project for each assignment?

Welcome @hrafnl to ask forums.

For your Questions : 1st one Replit still don’t have points system, and no automatically calculation of grades yet but you can share feedback.

2nd one if you are asking about creating project with multiple languages. It not project that can be created with multiple languages but you can create a team and within a team you can have as many projects as you you want they can be of same language or different languages.

Hope this solve your queries feel free to ask you have any other doubts :slight_smile: