.replit file won't read and the bot won't turn on af the main.py file won't load

So I made a bot and it has over 300+ lines I think it’s hitting 500+ lines and I used it and for more than a month and it was all good and today I checked why my bot wasn’t on so I went on replit and I was gonna run the bot and then wehn I did it said “unable to read .replit: unable to read .replit: read . replit : input/ output error
nix error: building nix env: problem reading ‘.replit’ file: unable to read .replit: rea d .replit: input/output error” I have never touched that file nor modified it. I don’t know anything About that file and so I don’t know what to do and the main.py file won’t load so I can’t even copy the code and I didn’t back it the either so I need help and I have been working on it for months

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