Replit File Explorer

Does anyone know what file manager Replit has?
And also what command can be used to launch it?

I mean like a GUI for managing files from the Output tab. I know Replit has one because if you run Firefox and right-click the Save page option, it shows a file save dialog, so there must be a file manager.

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I don’t really understand the question :thinking:

On Firefox, if you right-click on a page, it will, it will always show a Save page option. It will only save the html code of the page in an htm (or html) file. Otherwise all the repls are sandboxed inside Linux containers (

What I was asking was what file manager Replit uses on their Fluxbox machines.

For example, on Windows you have File Explorer and on MacOS you have Finder.

What I wanna know is which one they use on Replit machines and how to launch it.