Replit features for run the multiple html file

Run multiple html file. But run only one html file which can rin first

Hi @SAMITMETE , welcome to the forums!
Do you mean that only index.html runs? Unfortunately, Replit runs that file by default, and you cannot change it, unlike other languages.

I created two files first index.html second one is HTML2.html but when i run the tHTML2.html file it can’t .

Could you send a screenshot or screen recording of the issue?

Hi @SAMITMETE ! Like I said in the post above:

Unless you are not running a static site but a website with frontend and backend?

When viewing your webview, you could navigate to /HTML2.html to see the page.


Yes @SAMITMETE , though you’ll have to first open the website in your browser (click the button)

First i open index.html file then it can run.
But when i open HTML2.html and then run doesn’t work. Also run the previous code which save in index.html system

Can you help me to solve this problem with a useful tutorial video…please…

Looking at your profile, I found your Repl here.

Your Repl’s webpage is hosted at, which means your HTML2 page is hosted at https://html1–

Let me know if this helps!

But in my app HTML2 pages hosted as

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That’s an invalid link, nothing is hosted there. What were you trying to link to?

@SAMITMETE If your question is not solved, plwase don’t mark anything as a Solution yet.
What is the name of your repl?

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I linked to it’s webpage in an above post, I will link the repl as well:

… It’s the weirdest thing. The page that runs isn’t in the files.

Huh. They definitely had an index file before.

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Yes, but i want to run HTML2.html

Just go to as Firepup said earlier:

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It’s not hosted there actually, as that’s the dot URL, and they don’t seem to have that domain subset.