Replit extensions disappeared

So i havent done anything on here in about a month i come back and now my extensions are gone especially there was a database editor for replit database now its gone and I cant find the extension anymore anyone know whats going on?

Hi, @WyattOwen1!
All are all of your extensions gone? Could you send a screenshot of your Repl editor, or your installed extensions page?

Ya I dont know if this is what you want but i installed a bunch of extensions now there all gone like pretify or something also my replit just sits saying working when i press run also i doubt this picture will be of much help
Screenshot 2023-12-17 102040

Strange! I’m not sure why this happened, but if you want to reinstall prettify, then just search for it in the store tab. It is also possible that the extension you were using is not available any more.

Do you know of any replit database viewers/editors i mean it was downloaded by lots of people

also i dont see a store tab?

thing is not much is showing up in the store tab i cant even find prettify

Screenshot 2023-12-17 102921


I was able to find a ReplDB viewer/editor, it is located here: DB Viewer | Extensions - Replit

Just realized that I too could not find the original Prettier extension, but it looks like someone made a different version.

Due to the recent issue with Static repls, the extension store was wiped completely (since all extensions are hosted statically).

It is unsure when all the extensions will come back, but some creators (including myself) have already re-uploaded their extensions.

The original Prettier extension was taken down due to a bug.

cc @ryantmreplit I know you were following up on this on Twitter, has there been any update?

The prettier extension was fixed by the author to use the nix-editor program to add dependencies to replit.nix. The extension was republished.

Note this extension is maybe unneeded for most people now that Prettier is the default formatter in Nodejs and is auto installed.

Extensions disappearing in general is related to an issue that’s been going on. Extension restoration is in progress.

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