Replit EU Servers soon?

As of now, it is only possible to have servers in US and ASIA. In EU however, there are many regulations regarding data, storage and routes. Is there any plan to add replit servers in Europe?

I personally think that replit will miss out of many customers due to this.


i’m sure Replit would like to expand server locations.


Yeah it would be really useful as both the Asian and American servers are pretty far from where I live in the UK

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It would be awesome to have lots more servers, although personally, living in Australia and being further from either server than most places, including the UK (I’m pretty sure), I’ve never really experienced issues with bad connections. As long as your wifi connection is fast and stable, Replit really isn’t that slow. It seems unlikely that Replit will be adding more servers relatively soon, but hopefully in the future (next couple of years) they will.