Replit email is hacked

Problem description:
I received an email from (not abnormal), but when clicking “View Comment”, this time it did not take me to Replit but to a different page with Replit’s URL. I received several such emails (because I received several comments). It only did it on emails for comments on @Bookie0’s “bounceCSS” and not for comments on @RayhanADev’s “About”.

Expected behavior:
It should have taken me to the comment like they have in the past.

Actual behavior:
It took me to a hacked page.

Steps to reproduce:
I can’t guarantee that it will happen to anyone who gets a Replit email, but mine was on a new comment email.

Bug appears at this link:

Firefox on Linux Mint on Lenovo Laptop

So, using the F12 inspector, I discovered that this page is from Upon clicking that link I go to an identical page. Therefore, it is my conclusion that either knowingly or unknowingly @replitfaris has become a part of a Replit hacking.

its not a hack, it doesn’t look like a replit email.

Yes it is. Same address.

See also this answer:

Also, @replitfaris is a Replit Admin.


This is just a page to block people from accessing our beta/staging website. There is no hacking involved, though I’m concerned that you’re receiving emails that send you there.

Do you mind forwarding the email to please?


I sent you 1 of like 3. I got several comments from Bookie.

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