Replit Editor Crashing

My editor keeps crashing every few seconds when I try to open it. It didn’t start doing this until today. I can reload it and it opens again then crashes, however, it still saves the changes that I had just made.

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Having the same issue currently.
Using it as a hint to get off the computer for a while…

Hey @SharkCoding!

I couldn’t find the error in our logs. Do you have any adblocking or tracker-blocking extensions for your browser that might be interfering with Sentry, our error reporting service?

I don’t have any extensions that would do that so I’m not sure why that is. I also haven’t been able to reproduce the error and it seems to be fixed. I’ll let you know if it happens again though.

Understood. Check your browser settings as well and the logs tab in your browser’s devtools to see if “sentry” is being blocked somehow.

I’ll mark this as solved, but if you come across the issue again, feel free to unmark and follow up!

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