Replit Editor Bug

After creating a repl, when the text “Not sure what to do? Run some examples or generate code with Ghostwriter (start typing to dismiss)” is appearing, the blinking “line” that shows where the user is typing is 2 lines long rather than one.
This doesn’t have to be fixed, yet it is bugging me a bit.
Expected behavior:
User text input line should be 1 line long.
Actual behavior:
User text input line is actually 2 lines long
Steps to reproduce:
Create a repl (I used NodeJS), and open the code editor.

Lenovo, Latest Chrome Version

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Hey @JakeHu2020!

Can you please send me a screenshot so I can better understand what you see on your end?

@ShaneAtReplit this has happened to me several times recently on new Python Repls. Once I start typing, the cursor goes back to one line. In fact, this happened first try when I made a new Repl to screenshot the issue.
Notice how it is two lines here:
And one line once I start typing:

I also confirmed that deleting all the code in a Repl reproduces the issue.

I think that’s because the placeholder text is longer than the line/editor’s width, so it automatically wraps, making it look like the cursor is bigger.

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