Replit Drag and Drop does not work in both mobile app and in website

So,the problem is I want drag one file to the folder but the file sucks in that place and does not go to folder
Please help on this
P.S:Replit should add a move option so that it will easy for mobile or tablet users to move a file into folder
For e.g.Suppose I have a photo name logo.jpg I want to move this jpg file to static folder and inside the folder name images
So,please add a move option to move a file or image or pdf etc. into folder or in case into 2nd folder
Thank you

I believe this is an intentional feature. If you want, you can use the shell and move the folder by typing this:

$ mv path/to/old-folder/ path/to/new-folder/

I want to move file into folder @savardo

Yes, just type it into the shell, since Replit mobile doesn’t support dragging and dropping folders to change their location.


Hey @arhanansari2009!

Thank you for reporting this issue, we will look into this and will let you know once we have an update.

Also, for context, can you please tell us what model and OS version you are using the Replit app with? And, can you ensure that the mobile app is up-to-date?

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I use android 12, i have same problem like ts.