Replit domain inquiry

(Google 번역 제공) 기본 도메인을 대신 replname.repl.co로 설정하는 방법이 있나요?

Hi @noderun !
You can rename the repl’s name to the same name as your username! This will make it just the username.


Currently, there is no built-in feature in that allows you to set the default domain to instead of The default domain format includes the username in order to ensure uniqueness among users.

However, if you want to have a custom domain without the username, you can use the “Custom Domain” feature available on the paid plans of This allows you to set up a custom domain for your REPL, such as You can learn more about setting up a custom domain in the documentation via

Then it will be something like

Hmmm it works for me, I think that if it is a new account, then it won’t work.

But he/she specifically wants
and not
So I think that wouldn’t work for him/her.

Yes, but like I said, only a new account will be (based on another person’s problem), but if it’s an older account (start of the year is safe), it’ll just be

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Actually, AFAIK, both of those should work for older users, newer users should have username– and

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What happened to the domains? Are they going away?

Due to some issues with new SSL certs AFAIK, new users don’t get those domains anymore. Everyone gets the -- domains, so I just reference those where I need to.