Replit doesn't let me run because I have "no internet connection" even though I do

Problem description:
I have strong internet and it doesn’t even load saying I don’t have an internet connection.

Expected behavior:
I should be able to smoothly run my program as I’ve been doing the past month.

Actual behavior:
I couldn’t run my program and now it’s giving me an error

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:


Hello there.
In case you have not already, we would suggest turning on and off your network connection.
If that does not work, consider unplugging for 30 seconds and plugging in your main router.
If that also does not work, consider clearing your browsers cache and history, (On Chrome, click the three dots on the top right, and history. Click “Clear Browsing Data” on the left. Click “Advanced” and select “Cached Images and Files”. This will do no harm to your data. It will only sign you out of most sites. Try signing in to replit again after this procedure and see if that has worked.

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