__replit_disk_meta.json prevents Git from functioning

Problem description:
The __replit_disk_meta.json file in the .cache folder is updated almost constantly with filesystem access information, but this prevents Git from working properly. When I try to use the GUI for Git, it doesn’t allow me to pull changes because of the disk meta file. The .gitignore file also does not seem to do anything to fix this, I’ve tried adding .cache/* and .cache/replit/__replit_disk_meta.json. I’ve also tried using the Git CLI to push/pull with git commit and git push, which results in this error:

Please commit your changes or stash them before you merge.

Additionally, git stash does not work since __replit_disk_meta.jsonis changed again after that command is run, and git commit causes the file to update again which results in the same issue as before.

I believe this should fix your issue:


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