Replit didn't save

I have been working on this for the last 5 hours and i accidentally shut off my computer and now it says it didn’t save for the last 5 hors i have been connected to the internet the whole time please tell me there’s a way to get this code back
Repl link:

code snippet

Hi @JOSHUASTEIGER thanks for your message.

Unfortunately there hasn’t been any outages reported at so at the moment I don’t think this is an issue with Replit. Did you see any error messages?

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No it just says it hasn’t been edited in 5 hours.

Unfortunately if it didn’t save then there isn’t any way to retrieve your code.

I’ll move this to #bug-reports in case there has been other reports of outages, but I haven’t heard of any issue saving.

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It seems likely that your internet connection, or at the very least your connection to Replit, dropped out, meaning none of your code saved. If this is the case, unfortunately there is nothing you can do about it.