`replit.dev` url redirects to deployments URL, even though deployment is paused

Problem description:
I am working on a project that uses Github auth. I am testing in my web browser but after I get directed to github for auth and get redirected back I go the deployment URL instead of the replit.dev url. But when I manually go to a page on the project it does not redirect.

And its not an issue with the setting of the Github Oauth App.

Expected behavior:

I dont get directed to the deployments URL

Actual behavior:
I get directed to the deployments URL

Steps to reproduce:
Not completly sure and going to experment more to try and get a concreate repro but heres my guess for now.

Make a repl that directs you to a site that than re-directs back to the replit.dev domain. Go to the site and get directed and than you should be directed to the deployments URL if there is one.

Bug appears at this link:
https://replit.com/@not-ethan/time-tracker (private repl)

Browser: FF dev edition version 122.0b4
OS: Windows 11 Version 22H2 OS Build 22621.2428
Device (Android, iOS, NA leave blank): PC
Desktop app version (Avatar menu->“Version”) or NA: 1.0.6
Plan (Free, Replit Core): Replit Core

Using the Desktop app to develop and FF to browse the web app. May happen in the web editor as well


This sounds like a bug, but I’m having trouble with a repro (which might just be my unfamiliarity with setting up Github auth). No pressure, but if you want to invite me to your Repl, I can try to fork it and reproduce from there. Otherwise, I will keep testing to try and find a simple repro.


Invited you. Im not familer with GH auth either, this is my first time using it really.


In this example, I’m wondering if it’s related to NEXTAUTH_URL.


Oh that could defently be it let me try that in a minute.

For reference the value is .repl.co

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@SuzyAtReplit Yea that seems to be the issue. Now getting this, going to try and see if its related to the redirecting later when I have more time. I put the new URLs in the GH app incorrectly.



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