please i need help to resolve this issue, its affecting my work

i did redirect and i notice it has been changed to [] ( :// replit. dev/) from the old URL address

i paid for development and circles still haven’t been able to get my redirect working .

Below is one of the redirect URL from replit . when I include this link in my mail to send to my customers they don’t receive the email but when I send without the URL link they receive the mail.

What could be the reason ?

it was working great when it was than when it was changed to Dev

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Hey @joromijackson!

You’ll need to deploy now for Repls to work when you’re not in the editor. Keep in mind that deployments currently don’t have persistent filesystems however, so if you need data that the Repl saves into a file, you’ll need to have the Repl export the data elsewhere.

As for why emails with the URL might not be going through, it might be on an organizational blacklist on the email client.


Hi — are these emails landing in the spam inbox, or just not being received at all?


Hello! +1 to Barron’s question. May we also know the email client? This’ll help as we dig into it


not being received at all

I’m in editor but fails to deploy, what could be the cause?

to deploy its asking me to RUN COMMAND

I believe you would use php -S -t . for that, since that’s your dev run command.

i use this php -S -t and -S -t

the error message i received. Repl of language type html is not supported

What deployment type did you select?

reserved VM and Autoscale

i think i was able to figure out something


:wave: Hey @joromijackson!

It’s great to hear that you’ve fixed your problem, but please provide an explanation to how you did, so that other users with the same issue can easily find the solution.