Replit Desktop Login Issue

When i open replit desktop app, the app opens a login page in the browser, but when i succesfully logged in, the app is not logged in, pls help :slight_smile:


tbh why don’t you use the website instead?

click the here what ever thing

Because the Desktop App (replit-desktop) is brand new, and Replit pushes it on the main site.

I’m having the same issue, and for me I can’t focus well. I can do so if I have an isolated app but on a browser I go wild, do everything but what I’m meant to :sweat_smile:.

Autocomplete in website version is slow bruhh

I’ve done this a lot, but the results is same

I need help on this issue too.

what labtop/pc your on

i take it your on windows

@Rizal-AdityaAdi it is prob because what your on because when i use the site im perfectly fine