Replit Deployments VS Google Cloud Platform

In the same fashion as my Replit vs DigitalOcean comparison, I will compare Replit with bare bones GCP.

I understand that the convenience of Replit is astounding, but when you’re paying for a VM you need to pick the right choices. What would it save to set a server up yourself?

I’ll use the highest end current deployment for this comparison:
US$211.20/month, dedicated 4vCPU, 16GiB RAM, 400GiB egress & always on.

Plugging it into GCP price calculator… Beep Boop…
US$137.26 per month! That’s $73.94 per month in savings by not using Replit Deployments!

It also comes with:

  • Persistent disk with 25GB storage
  • Custom OS with Sudo
  • 1 static IP address

I’ll be doing more comparisons with other cloud providers, so keep an eye out!


awesome! (I thought I commented on this but idk where the comment went or maybe I commented on a different on)