Replit Deployments: Updates and Improvements

Hi Replit Builders,

Back in April, we rolled out Deployments, the fastest way to go from idea to production. Deployments are a new way to deploy code on Replit and are more reliable, scalable, and secure than our previous offering, Always On.

Since the initial release, we’ve been completely focused on upgrades and bug fixes to the product. These improvements have resulted in a 50% decrease in failed deployments as well as improving deployment speed by 2 - 4x for larger projects.

Feel free to read our blog post on the updates, if you’re interested in the specifics on the changes we shipped.

If this is your first time hearing about Deployments, here’s a TL;DR on the benefits of using them over Always On:

  • Your hosted VM will rarely restart, keeping your app running and stable.
  • Isolated VM resources for your app will give you improved security and performance.
  • Control when you release to users so you can fix your app without breaking prod.
  • All VM logs are streamed directly to the Deployments pane in the workspace.

If you’re looking to get started with Deployments, feel free to watch our tutorial video here.

Conner @ Replit


I’m not a deployments user (or cycles user for that matter), but I easily could be if it was always up. Would it be possible to keep them running 24/7 or are there some technical limitations regarding its restarting? If it’s not possible, how often are these restarts, and how long would my app be down?