Replit deployments redeployment fails every time

When I try to redeploy my repl, it always just “fails” after “waiting for deployment to be ready” for a ridiculously long time. The bar at the top seems to suggest it’s done building and is just “promoting”. I’m assuming I’m doing something wrong, but I don’t see what since the only thing I can find anywhere about deployments just says it’s a one click redeploy.

this is what it says every time I try to redeploy

Hey! Looking into this now.

Looks like you didn’t copy over your secrets from the secrets pane to deployment secrets. If you paste your database secret in the deployment secrets section, it should work!

In the logs tab, you should see a log that says:

raise KeyError(key) from None KeyError: ‘database_url’


Yep thanks, that worked!

Great! Let me know if you run into issues in the future.

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