Replit Deployments Python Help

So recently I have been investigating how deployments work. I am a python coder and I see that deployments do support this language. However, when I tried to deploy one of my AI Chatbots, it always failed on the promote stage saying EOF Error, what should I do about this?

Hi @AndrewDeng3!
What method of Deployments are you using?
Does your chatbot program contain any HTML page?

  1. Autoscale
  2. Nope, does it need to? I can invite you (flask?)

Autoscale works only with websites.
What’s the problem with just allowing the user to go the Cover Page? Isn’t that how it will be run even without Deployments?
I can try to help you with the Flask app. My username is @NateDhaliwal on the mainsite as well.

Oh… ok. I also want to learn how to use Flask too :wink:

Its just that there isn’t always on, I was tryna find an alternative

Maybe try Reserved VMs Deployments?

Autoscale does NOT only work with websites.

Always On is replaced with Reserved VM Deployments. It means that your Repl will get a dedicated server by itself where it will not turn off and will always be able to listen for any kind of incoming request.

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This is the link for it btw

is it included with core? I only got 70 cycles I think I accidentaly already got charged

No, I don’t think so. You have to pay a certain constant amount per day or something.

oh whoops i lost 40 cycles there XD whatever i haven’t used them in a year.

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Sad. The thing that brought me onto this forum is because I accidentally spent all my Cycles.

I didn’t pay money for them anyways, bigminiboss gave them to me

I guess the deployment was successful but I still think that was a waste of cycles

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nope still failed :cry: I guess I gotta earn some new cycles now!!! (I only got 30 left)

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@AndrewDeng3 How did you lose your cycles? Autoscale does not take away the units, just billed to your credit card.

nope, I used the ReservedVM
I got replit Core anyways

I didn’t use any deployments
So how is it that I only got 5,998,218 Compute units left