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What method of deployment should I use for my Python program? Please help me through the process of the appropriate method of deployment
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Deployments are designed for those replays that can be run and used in the cloud, such as discord bots or websites. Your repl uses the tkinter library, which is designed to run local applications. This means that you cannot deploy this repl.

If you really want to deploy this repl, you will have to redo it into a website, and for this you will have to learn Html and Css, learn how to work with the Python Flask framework and learn JavaScript.

Have you decided to deploy this repl so that others can use it because of the recent update to Replit?

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Hi @daniellee159 , welcome to the forums!
Why do you need to deploy your repl? Users can just fork to run it.

Yes. That is true, exactly. I don’t know how to use HTML & CSS, so please give me a way to deploy it.

I want to share it with non replit users too.

Difficult to replicate with Flask though…

Is there any way to allow any online person to run my program when they have the link? In or out of

Only the server part needs to be written on Flask, and the drawing process itself must be implemented using JS.

Instead of creating a website, you can try to find a site similar to Replit, where you can also share and launch projects, and save your project there. If you find one, you can name it here so that others can use it.

Six months ago, I got into the same problem. I created a good image generator and really wanted to share it with the community. But my code was not suitable for Replit. Therefore, I studied Flask, Css, Html, JavaScript from scratch and wrote a good website for my image generator, it took me several months. But other people saw and appreciated my project, and I gained experience in web development. But now my site is unavailable due to the Replit update.