Replit db: temporary failure in name resolution

What does egress mean and how can I check it

Also known as “Outbound Data Transfer”, should be listed under the “Account” page, I don’t think you can see it in mobile app though.

When you exceed that the error pops up?

No, it’s just a potential cause of that.

I went to check, yea I passed the 10 gb mark, so that might be the issue of this error?

How far over are you? Could you send a screenshot? Do you have the UI for buying more egress?

I’m at 57gb :joy: idk how but yes, I cant buy more, if I could I would’ve gotten the pro plan

Just saying, once your account works, you’ll probably have to do lots of optimizations

Wdym by account works, also how do I optimize lol

That explains it… Do you have at least $4.70 you’d be ready to (and willing to) spend on replit? That’d probably be the fastest solution.

I do have the money, but my parents doesn’t allow me to spend it, plus I don’t have a credit card to

Next month your egress/Outbound Data Transfer will reset. At that point, you should make your projects send as little data as possible to minimize egress usage.

Honestly I don’t know why it’s always at max ram, when I check the ram it says ram used is at 15gb, is that the cause

Then your best chance would probably be creating something cool that doesn’t use replit db or anything (and doesn’t need the network), then hoping you get some tips. (Websites won’t work that well, because you’re already over your egress limit)

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RAM usage has nothing to do with egress usage

Does making a new account work :joy:, also yea I’m using replit db, so that causes a lot of ram?

RAM != egress. Also, yes, replit db can use lots of egress, because every db read and write uses your egress (because it relies on a remote server). Maybe try using sqlite, as detailed here (That’d make your database not rely on network access). (sqlite will work in any repl, not just python repls)

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If you don’t want to rewrite your code to use sqlite, maybe there’s a replit db implementation that can run locally in a repl (so it’d connect to localhost, saving egress), and uses sqlite or another local db behind the scenes.

New project idea?!?!?!?

Shouldn’t be that complicated (e.g. make people import a package that starts an HTTP server and changes process.env.REPLIT_DB_URL)

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