Replit db: temporary failure in name resolution

This issue has happened for around 12h a few days back, I couldn’t do anything to get it back, resetting token, kill 1 etc. It somehow auto resolved itself so I didn’t really bother, but now it’s back, any reason why!

Temporary failure in name resolution - the last line of that error implies this is temporary, I’d try again later.

It’s been like this for last 7h, doesn’t seem temporary

If it has resolved itself before, then I would personally just wait the issue out.

The thing is I don’t mind waiting, but this ain’t the first time it happened, and the players of my bot isn’t happy… So is waiting the only way?

Also, 7h (while it is a while), could still be considered “temporary” as it has worked before, and will probably work in the future.

I’m not the best one to ask for this, I’ll pass it along.

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How much egress have you used? I remember issues like that when I was over the egress limit.

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What does egress mean and how can I check it

Also known as “Outbound Data Transfer”, should be listed under the “Account” page, I don’t think you can see it in mobile app though.

When you exceed that the error pops up?

No, it’s just a potential cause of that.

I went to check, yea I passed the 10 gb mark, so that might be the issue of this error?

How far over are you? Could you send a screenshot? Do you have the UI for buying more egress?

I’m at 57gb :joy: idk how but yes, I cant buy more, if I could I would’ve gotten the pro plan

Just saying, once your account works, you’ll probably have to do lots of optimizations

Wdym by account works, also how do I optimize lol

That explains it… Do you have at least $4.70 you’d be ready to (and willing to) spend on replit? That’d probably be the fastest solution.

I do have the money, but my parents doesn’t allow me to spend it, plus I don’t have a credit card to

Next month your egress/Outbound Data Transfer will reset. At that point, you should make your projects send as little data as possible to minimize egress usage.