Replit DB HELP!

Hi, I have a question on Replit DB. I am hoping someone can help with. I am new to coding, so apologies if my question is stupid :).

My app will have USERS… each user will have a NAME, EMAIL, UNIVERSITY, AREA_OF_STUDY… each USER will be able to UPLOAD FILES into their account or GENERATE FILES through open ai. I am then going to translate these files to audio files.

My question is… how should I structure my Replit DB? I hope my question is clear enough but let me know if not, Dan.

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Hello, @dand31!
What language are you using?
And please use the Code Help tag for coding questions


Hey there, @dand31, welcome to the community!
Based on your criteria, I’d suggest that you structure your database like so:

db = {
  "not-johndoe1": {
    "name": "Dr. John Doe",
    "email": "",
    "university": "Harvard",
    "area_of_study": "Business and Economics",
    "files": {
      "test.txt": "base64 encoded contents of the specified file"

I hope that my response has helped you, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out on this forum!


Ahh thanks so much… totally makes sense. I think I just needed to see a visual representation for it to make sense :sweat_smile::pray:

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