Replit Database Token/Link Expiring

So, I host my discord bot on replit, and use replit’s database to store roblox usernames which are then returned to my roblox game in a table via roblox’s httpservice and replit’s database link, and it was working smoothly when the database link randomly expired. I’d like to know if this is normal, and if so, how could I prevent this if possible?

Can you show a screenshot please?

Assuming you are using the replit db token from another repl, yes it expires over time for security or stuff that I don’t actually know much
I don’t think there is anything that prevents it, except from moving the db data to the same repl as the discord bot.

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that’s weird, if your using the in repl one, not importing a db url, then afaik although it does change periodically, it will copy the contents

it is the same repl though