Replit database down?

request to failed, reason: connect ECONNREFUSED

None of my repls can access their database.

Not sure if this is a server issue or just an issue with my repls

FetchError: request to [Database Link] failed, reason: Client network socket disconnected before secure TLS connection was established


KV was down, we have pushed a fix. We are sorry for the downtime.


Thank you for the reply! I’m glad the outage was solved.

I am still getting errors like this one for example, I am not sure if this is a Database issue or an issue on my side:

            reject(new FetchError(`request to ${request.url} failed, reason: ${err.message}`, 'system', err));
FetchError: request to [database link]

Now I am currently trying to trace and find what’s happening in my code but it’s difficult because the console auto-refreshes lol.

I’ll edit this if I look into it more.

I’d recommend running nodemon. It auto-reboots your server without clearing the console, which is very nice.

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