Replit Database Breaks after half a dat

Problem description:
Replits database becomes increasingly buggy after making new project and adding 30 mb of info to different keys (theres less than 5 mb in each key).

Expected behavior:
getting the values from the database work and function as the documentation says

Actual behavior:
after a day of making the new project is a fetch error (sometimes eai again sometimes enotfound) when using the databse in any way. keep in mind that the database is the same every time as i import it from a file from the project (i am duplicating the project every day to keep it working)

Steps to reproduce:
Unknown, it only seems to occur in my project.

Bug appears at this link:


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Keep in mind there are limits on the database, going by memory so this might be wrong, but I think there’s a max of 50mb and there’s also a limit to the number of keys you can create. Obviously when you get a key, Replit’s database need to find out first so if you have a large numbers of keys there could be a small delay because of that (although really this delay should be next to nothing).

On your end, you could make use of caching to minimise wait times. I’ve even made my own version of ReplDB for NodeJS which automatically caches keys on get and set and you can call a method to cache all keys. By caching keys you don’t have to wait for requests, you can access previously stored values.

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as @MattDESTROYER there’s (I think) a 1k key limit so there’s that and each key has a limit too


i want to clarify that i only have 13 keys, and that the biggest key has 3 megabytes


Hey @OskarBro!

Can you please send me a screenshot of the errors you are getting with Replit DB?

The key limit is 5k and the only reason I know that is that a database I hosted for someone else hit that limit prior to save data compression. (We went from around 9 keys per user to 1)