Replit custom domains seem to have gone out

I was doing a routine check of the subdomains I’ve provided to some other Replit users (Because the A records like moving, and CNAMEs don’t work for me), when I abruptly got returned DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN. I then experimented with checking that the A record was correct, switching to a CNAME, etc. No effect, still a NXDOMAIN error.

Example subdomains out:


On secondary inspection, I appear to have just lost my domain name, and it’s not Replit’s fault here.

did you use freenom?

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@python660 freenom has been down for a while no one can use it. I tried to use it about a month ago and it doesn’t work (I’m pretty sure they got sued by Meta so they stopped).
This is why they got sued:

Meta Lawsuit Leads to Significant Decline in Phishing Domains Tied to Freenom.

In December 2022, Meta initially filed a lawsuit against Freenom, alleging that the company failed to address complaints about phishing websites and, instead, monetized the traffic to these abusive domains.


I did actually use Freenom. The way they shut down is that no new domains are issued, existing ones are intact, unless you forget to renew them.

True, but they weren’t required to. They were just required to remove the abusive domains IIRC.